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Custom prompts also are a nice Youtube Video Tool creating a custom terminal prompt makes for an attractive terminal in a screen capture. It also will distinguish visible between local and Vps screens during screen capture videos.
I have YouTube Channel My Linux Toy Box I am and will be very unlike any other programming channels I have seen. No structured tutorials. Just learn with me as I play.
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distinguish between various terminals glance

This morning I was working on on two VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) at the same time, plus I had a couple local terminals open. I entered the a command in the the wrong terminal and it caused me a giant problem. I decided a custom prompt for each of my Virtual Private Serveres was the answer to Distinguish Terminals. The idea worked out great so I decided to a video to describe how to create and use a custom terminal prompt. No more mixing my terminals up. The custom prompt on my servers makes it easily distinguish between various terminals glance.