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Learn FFmpeg Python Javascript Examples and Code

The following links will lead you to Learn FFmpeg, Python, Javascript, and more the pages contain information, videos, examples to view, actual copy paste code and in some cases associated exterior links. The purpose of this site is for me to share what I learn and have a resource to personally reference. Enjoy, like and folow my YouTube.

Youtube Video Tool Creating a Custom Terminal Prompt
Custom terminal prompts are not only attractive and fun, but very practical. If you do terminal screen captures for YouTube or you have one or more VPS services a custom terminal prompt is extremely useful. Follow this link for viewing examples, videos and code examples.

If you do screen captures for YouTube this is a handy script to allow both full screen capture and a 1280x720 area capture. Using a microphone is easily set up by finding the proper parameters. How to detect the imput is in the link.

Drag and Drop Images with HTML and Javascript
If you do screen captures for YouTube this an excelant way to do stop motion video. Just set your parameters for the proper capture area then drag and drop and screen capture. Then using FFmpeg join the captured images into a video.
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FFMEG Tutorial Create Circular Videos for Overlays
Circular videos are fun and unique. They may be added ad an overlay with voice to a silent video. They also may be used as a stand alone video in Instagram or other social network. Perhaps even as a silent moving ad in the corner of an existing video.