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Experiments in Programming and Graphics
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** Site Navagation Menu  **

Links to various aids in Javascript and FFmpeg commands such as:
     * Special Effects Videos with code examples
     * Youtube Video Tool Creating a Custom Terminal Prompt
     * How-to-Capture-Jupyter-Notebook-Video
     * Drag and Drop Images with HTML and Javascript
     * FFMEG Tutorial Create Circular Videos for Overlays
     * FFMPEG-Tutorial-YouTube-Video-Toolkit-Jupyter-Notebook

** FFMPEG Code Examples  **

FFMPEG area consists of dozens of code example and the video results of the code use. This is a great place to learn not only common FFmpeg scripts, but there are examples of special effects

** About Me **

I am retired in the Philippines. Retirement has given me plenty of free time so I 'play' on my computer every day. Youtube and this site is the way I have chosen to share what I have learned and still am learning. By posting videos on YouTube and follow articles on mylinuxtoybox.com not only are topics introduced by video content, but also by providing text and cut and paste examples, zipped downloads or direct links to posts on Github. My YouTube Channel My Linux Toy Box is and will remain very unlike any other programming channels I have seen. No structured tutorials. I just play talk to myself and record it. Just learn with me as I play. I will post links to YouTube Channels and videos, the example code and programming resources for YouTube videos I have posted on my MyLinuxToyBox channel. This site and MyLinuxToyBox YouTube will cover a variety of Linux and Windows projects and code. This includes FFmpeg, Jupyter Notebook, Python scripts, VPS, Docker info and a lot more. Bookmark and watch for updates."
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I retired in the Philippines in 2012. I have another Channel and have posted over 880 videos on my life in the Philippines on YouTube there. At this time that channel I have about 16,300 subscribers. These videos are about family, my life, my friends, my neighbors, Filipino food, local businesses and activites. I have often wanted to post programming videos there, however, the viewers are looking for videos on the Philippines and Programming is a totally different topic. Stop by my Philippine channel and see what I do when I am not coding. Since mylinuxtoybox.com is my Play site I will occasionally embed a Philippine Video here.
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